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Recruit people in your circle of influence to stand with your brothers and sisters in Christ who are living in the Middle East. How?

~ Add them to our email list! Click here

~ Make a donation in the name of a family member or loved one outside the family. Click here

~ Schedule one of our ministry leaders to speak in your church, to your organization. Click here

~ Share one of our videos at your next service, Bible study, fellowship group. Click here

~ Build a team to underwrite a specific outreach of our ministry. For example, here in a Bethlehem we need a new bus to safely bring people to encounters with Christ at our events. Click here

~ With our professional help, recruit your friends to join you in a trip here, to the Holy Land! Click here

~ Adopt a minister or family in one of our congregations. Click here

~ Create a Facebook Group to inform, encourage and recruit people in your circle about the needs of Bible-believing disciples of Jesus in the Middle East. Many do not know we exist! Click here

~ Spread our message, our ministry, our news out across the world. Share our stories on Facebook. Tweet our headlines. By every means at your disposal, scatter the word about Holy Land Missions. Click here

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